1.0 Overview
• To have consistency, transparency and a documented process for dealing with conduct that is contrary to the Sikh Games or puts the Sikh Games in disrepute a Demerit System will be used to manage disciplinary actions. The demerit system would impose set penalties (points and financial fines) that must be followed thus removing any sense of bias or unjust treatment.
• The system would work like the road rules demerit system and provide clubs, players and managers an advanced understanding of what penalties will apply for mis-conduct of various forms.

2.0 Demerit System
• Each club will be awarded 30 demerit points
• The demerits points will work on a 3-year rolling system
• Demerit points will be received back after 3 years from date of offence
• If a club gathers 30 or more demerit points in a 3-year period they will be de-registered from ANSSACC and not be able to participate at the Sikh Games for a minimum of 1 year
o Management and coaching personal will also receive individual bans for a minimum of 1 year
• If a team within a club gathers 20 or more points in a 3-year period that team will not be able to participate at the Sikh Games for a minimum of 1-year ANSSACC. This rule is designed to ensure that entire club is not punished for poor conduct from just one particular team.
• It is Club management’s responsibility to understand the demerit point system and ensure their club conducts itself in the spirit of the Australian Sikh Games and to take necessary action to address poor behaviour from its members.

3.0 Penalties
• The following table details the common mis-conduct that has occurred in past at the Australian Sikh Games and the associated demerit point and fines that will be imposed. This table acts as a guideline and ANSSACC may vary the penalties if the situation warrants.
• For misconduct not falling into any categories detailed below will be dealt on a case by case basis by ANSSACC in line with this demerit system.

Conduct/ActionDemerit PointsMonetary Fine
Members of the hosting Regional ANSSACC will not host any tournaments from 1 January up until 30 days after the Australian Sikh Games.30 points$3,000
Bringing the Australian Sikhs Games in disrepute20 points$2,000
Causing disruption to tournament15 points$1,500
Gambling on events10 points$1,000
Match fixing10 points$1,000
Violence towards a referee10 points$1,000
Violence towards an opposition playerPer offence:
1 point - minor offence
3 points - major offence
5 points - severe offence
Per offence:
Causing Disruption to smooth running of AGM (Swearing, Aggressive behaviour, not allowing the meeting to proceed)5 points$500
Drug policy breach5 points$500
Refusal to follow ANSSACC instructions3 points$300
Derogatory Remark regarding Sikh Games or ANSSACC and Local Committees in media or social media3 points$300
Unauthorised entry to the AGM3 points$300
Providing forged or false information3 points$300
Harassment of Sport Coordinators, ANASSACC Officials and Volunteers3 points$300
Fielding Ineligible Players3 points per offence$300
Insulting conduct (swearing, hand gestures etc) towards opposition, officials, referees, spectators.2 points$200
Invading the playing field2 points per person$200 per person
Poor Spectator inappropriate behaviour (swearing, teasing, arguing)2 points$200
Late payment of membership fees1 point$100
Failure to provide team sheet by required date1 point$100
Failure to provide player identification documentation by required date1 point$100