The Australian Sikh Games is a national event held during Easter each year. The event attracts over three thousand athletes and over 100,000 spectators over three days. The purpose of the Australian Sikh Games is to:

  • Promote the values of the Sikh faith
  • Encourage health and well-being
  • Support active community involvement

This is achieved through a wide array of Australian and Indian sports and cultural activities

The Australian Sikh Games are a representation of the Sikh community’s competitive spirit and the event forms an integral part of the community’s social calendar. These Games embody family values and incorporate the fundamentals of multiculturalism in Australia.

The Games attract athletes and spectators from around Australia and other countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. While the Games are primarily held to bring together the Sikh community each year, the carnival atmosphere is there for all to enjoy.

Team sports include Kabbadi, Soccer, Netball, Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Touch Football and Tug-o-War. Individual sports include Athletics, Badminton, Golf, Tennis and Wrestling.