Thursday 28th March 2013:

Arrival of Athletes and overseas and interstate guests.
Expected interstate, overseas  athletes & guests: 15,000
Manager’s Meeting: 6:30pm Novotel Hotel

 Friday 29th March 2013:

7am – 7pm – Games
Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Netball, cricket, tennis, badminton, at Monash Uni
Golf- Waterford Valley Golf Course.

12pm –2pm  Opening Ceremony

Flag raising, march pass by athletes, speeches.
Attended by Premier, Monash Council , Monash Uni delegates , VIPs
Brass Band and a Bag Pipes Band with cultural performances.
7.30pm-11pm – Welcoming Get-together for all athletes. Venue under consideration.

Saturday 30th March 2013:

7am -7pm – Games (Quarter Finals & Semi Finals)
Golf – Waterford Valley Golf Club

10am-12noon- Sikh Forum (Alexander Theatre)
12noon- 3pm – Cultural Fiesta (Monash Grounds.)
6.00pm -12pm- Sikh games Mega Cultural Night at Robert Blackwood Hall (Monash Uni)
7.30pm : Australian Sikh Games Council  AGM 2013
7.30pm:  Golf Dinner and presentation

Sunday 31st March 2013:

7am-3pm – GAMES (FINALS) Monash Grounds

12noon- 2pm- Cultural Fiesta
3pm-4pm- Prize Giving Ceremony
7.30pm- Formal Dinner for 1000 people(The Sebel Hotel- Albert Park)

Monday 1st April 2013:

Athletes and guests leave

Australian Sikh Games 2013 – Sikh Games Grand Ball

 The grand finale of the games will be the Formal Dinner on 31st March 13 at the prestigious Sebel Hotel in Melbourne city.

It will add a great finish to the games and give the participants, guests and families from Australia and overseas a perfect evening to catch up and bid farewells. Federal, State leaders, community & business leaders and other distinguished guest will grace the dinner. The evening is promised to be filled with exciting performances and music by one of the best DJ in Melbourne. Capacity is limited and tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis until “SOLD OUT”.

A great package has been negotiated by the organisers as follows:

Tickets booked & paid up till 15th Feb 13 (Closed)
Individuals – AUD$100 (Closed)
Tables of 12s – AUD$95 (Closed)

Tickets booked & paid after 15th Feb 13
Individuals – AUD$110
Tables of 12s – AUD$100

Games participants as per registration forms

A discounted price of AUD $75 per person ONLY who book via the registration forms by 31st Jan13 (Closed). Spouse/Partner will pay $100 if booked before 15th Feb 13 or $110 if booked after 15th Feb 13.STRICTLY no discounts will apply after 31st Jan 13, and if tickets are still available, normal prices as indicated above will apply.

Bookings for participants to be coordinated by their team leaders / managers via the registration forms.

Download (PDF) form to book your seats.

Pay the applicable ticket prices using the payment methods below. It is important that you include your name and indicate payment is for the “Sikh Games Grand Ball” in the description field for these payments

By Direct Deposit

Account Name: Australian Sikh Games 2013 Committee Inc
BSB: 033-172
Account: 581-674

By Bank Cheque or Money Order

Australian Sikh Games 2013 Committee Inc.
Secretariat, GPO Box 1419, Melbourne 3001

Once payment is made send your form and payment details to following contact person

Param Randhawa –
Jugjit Chaal –
Raji Cheema-

Dastar Competition

Sikh Forum

Seminar at 2013 Australian Sikh Games in Melbourne ( Saturday 30 March, 2013 )

  1. The First Centenary of Gadhar ( Independence movement abroad) in America 1913. Giani Santokh Singh JI ( From Sydney- a well known personality in Australian Sikh community- Parcharak and well known speaker on religious, social and current sikh affairs.) author and columnist.
  2. Relevance of Guru Granth Sahib in modern multicultural Society. Dr. Balwant Singh Dhillon- (Head of Deprt. Of Guru Nanak Studies, GND Uni. Amritsar). Double MA and Ph.D, 1979 engaged in Sikh History and Religious Studies, Teaching MA and M.Phil in religious studies for 31 years.In 1999 published—The early Sikh Scriptural Tradition- Myths and Reality in response to a Pashora Singh’s blasphemy book. Author of several books, E-books and research papers.
  3. Sikh Heritage ( Maharaja Ranjit Singh to Maharaja Dalip Singh )
  • Bobby Singh Bansal-( Born in U.K.Qualified in Business Management and Economics, a successful businessman turned a researcher and writer on Sikh Heritage. Written books and produced award winning documentaries .Particularly on Sikh Raj From M.Ranjit Singh to M. Dalip Singh. Presented his works in many seminars held in UK, India. Pakistan. USA, Canada and singhapore.

4. Political Challenges before the present Sikh Religious leadership – Dr.Balwant Singh Dhillon

5. Singh Sabha Movement and its relevance in the Modern Context: Dr. Harjinder Singh,a Highly qualified professional and academic , well known in Melbourne. Dr. Harjinder Singh has done a lot of research on this topic

6. Miscellaneous

Question answers on relevant topics – in English or Punjabi

Dr. Balwant Singh Dhillon, Dr. Harjinder Singh and Bobby Singh Bansal are well versed in English and Punjabi

Time : 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Venue: Monash Uni. ,Clayton Campus, R4 is in the Rotunda Building which is Building 8.

Mega Cultural Night

After Party