2014 Australian Sikh Games Mela

Mela means ‘gathering’ or ‘to meet’ or a fair. The Punjabi Mela is a collective endeavour to promote the Punjabi language, art, culture and literature.

The 2014 Sikh Games, Perth will showcase a variety of performances, cuisines, clothing, beauty and religious exhibits to celebrate to coming together of Sikhs from all parts of Australia and abroad.

Over the course of three days, to celebrate the 2014 Australian Sikh Games, Curtin University’s Sports and Recreation grounds will be filled with

  • Food and drink stands
  • Children’s entertainment and attractions
  • Indian cultural item stalls
  • Sikhism exhibitions / displays
  • and much, much more!

We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate and join in the spirit and atmosphere of the Australian Sikh Games.

Stall Application

To apply for a stall at the mela:

  1. Download and complete the Council approval form (PDF version). Council approval is required to have a stall at the mela.
  2. Download the application form (PDF version).
  3. Complete the form and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. E-mail the signed and completed form to 2014perthsikhgames@gmail.com.
  5. Read and understand the food safety standards set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand – FSANZ (PDF version)


  • All food vehicles and stalls intending to operate at the event are to submit a Temporary Food Stall Application along with the prescribed fee (unless exempt) and be approved in writing by the Town of Victoria Park Environmental Health Services.
  • All food provided must comply with the Town of Victoria Park Food Stall Guidelines, the Food Act 2008, Food Regulations 2009 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code regarding the storage, preparation, handling and selling of food.
  • The Food Stall permit issued by the Town of Victoria Park must be displayed in a conspicuous position within the stall.
  • Food sold or provided at the event is not to be prepared in a residential kitchen, unless that kitchen is approved as a food business.