Note: events and age groups will be determined by the Athletics Co-Ordinator based on the number of entries received.


Athletics Registration

Athletic registration form for entering the Australia Sikh Games
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • If different to contact name.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Enter registered address of your club. Or enter your address.
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  • Athletic Events

    Entry to all Athletic events at the Australian Sikh Games is free.
  • Cut off date of Age is 31st December 2021. Please calculate your age group according to this date. AGE at 01/01/2022. Press ctrl and click to select multiple groupings.
  • Please Refer to the Table and choose appropriate event relating to your age group. Press ctrl and click to select multiple events.
  • All open 5Kms run 🏃‍♂ men/women. Anyone can participate All finishers will Be honour with Medal 🏅. Date and Time will be announced close the event. Select Open Mix from [Age group] and 5km from [Events]. Incase of multiple events or age group, you can register by using this form again.
  • 1- ANSSACC DRUG POLICY: By submitting the entries, I/we hereby agree to the drug policy as stated on
    2- Indemnity Disclaimer: I/we agree to abide by the rules of each sport, compete with the spirit of fair play and abide by the decisions of referees, judges, trainers and officials of the Australian Sikh Games. In consideration of acceptance of my/our entry I/we hereby waive all and any claims or causes of action which I/We might now have or may at any time in the future have against ANSSACC, the regional ANSSACC Organising Committee and or any other competitor, manager, official, organiser or the other person whomsoever is involved in any other sports, events or functions conducted as part of the Australian Sikh Games, who may be liable to me in any way, arising out of or incidental to the sports, events or functions conducted as part of the Australian Sikh Games. I/we also acknowledge that I/we have read the terms & conditions of entry and agree to be bound with them and to compensate the organising committee for any loss sustained by it as a consequence of any breach of the terms and conditions of entry by me/us. I/We understand that NO SPORTS INJURY INSURANCE IS INCLUDED in the registration fee and accept full responsibility for seeking and arranging my/our medical/sports/personal accident insurance in respect to my/our participation in the Australian Sikh Games.