MEDIA RELEASE: 2018 Australian Sikh Games Drug Testing

ANSSACC in partnership with the Sydney Organising Committee conducted a random drug testing program
during the 31st Australian Sikh Games held in Sydney. The testing procedures were carried out in accordance
with the ANSSACC Drug Policy with the aim of ensuring the safety of all participants, fair competition and
the running of a drug‐free event.

ANSSACC is pleased to report that the vast majority of clubs and athletes cooperated with and supported the
drug testing program. This was the third year of the program and ANSSACC together with the local organising
committees in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane have invested over $20,000 during the three‐year period.
The continuation of the program was approved by member clubs at the 2018 Annual General Meeting held on
30 March 2018, reflecting the broad level of support from members and the wider community for ANSSACC’s
role in running a clean, fair event and protecting the integrity of the Australian Sikh Games.

Summary of Process and Random Selection

All testing was performed by an independent company ‐ Integrity Sampling, in compliance with Section 2
of Australian Standards 4308:2008 ‐ Specimen Collection, Storage, Handling and Dispatch.

 ANSSACC in conjunction with the Sydney Organising Committee selected Kabaddi, Soccer and Hockey as
the sports to be tested at the 2018 Sikh Games prior to the event.
 Player numbers were selected using a random number generator application provided by Integrity
Sampling. This was overseen by representatives from three independent bodies (ANSSACC, Sydney Games
Committee and Integrity Sampling).
 The player numbers were then given to the sport coordinators / head referees to look up the players
name in the team sheets as submitted by all participating team managers. Individuals were informed of
the need to present for a drug test.

Summary of Drug Testing Results

 In total 37 tests were conducted across the three days (Friday 9 tests, Saturday 18 tests, Sunday 10 tests)
 36 of the 37 tests were conducted on a random basis and one test was initiated by an opposition team
upon lodgement of objection.
 Two players from the total 37 tested positive to the use of prohibited drugs that are outlined in the
ANSSACC Drug Policy beyond acceptable levels.
 Additionally, three players refused to participate in the drug testing process – two of those players were
selected randomly and one player was initiated by an opposition team upon lodgement of objection.
 Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Sports Club Woolgoolga initiated two tests of opposition players.
 Full testing schedule, results and answers to frequently asked questions are attached.

ANSSACC is committed to drug testing in order to ensure the safety of all participants, fair competition and the
running of a drugs free games. It is disappointing and highly concerning that some clubs are failing to educate
their players to the serious health risk associated with drugs to player’s personal health as well as risk of injury
to self or opposition players. These Club Presidents and Managers are failing in their duty of care to their
players and it is only a matter of time when a serious health incident occurs on the sporting field.

ANSSACC requests the support of clubs, media and the Australian Sikh community to help achieve a totally
drug free Australian Sikh Games. Any request for further information or ways to further improve should be
directed to the ANSSACC executive via email to

ANSSACC Executive Committee

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