Sydney 2018 update – 3 weeks to go


Dear Club Managers and Athletes,

There are 18 days to go until the Games begin and no doubt you are as excited as we are. A lot is happening on the organisational front so below is a quick update on the latest news and links to important information.



The draws are now on the website for soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball and touch football. Hockey and cricket will be available in the next day or so. Individual sports will be released closer to the tournament. The draws are subject to change so make sure you check the latest version distributed at the Manager’s Meeting. Please also check the Events & Maps page to find venue addresses and field locations.

Team Sheets

Preliminary team sheets are required two weeks prior to the Games, i.e. deadline of Friday 17 March. It’s the responsibility of Team Managers and Coaches to make sure your team sheets are submitted this week. You can make changes to your squad list up until the final team sheet submission at the Manager’s Meeting.

Player Eligibility

Some teams have the misunderstanding that one non-Sikh player is allowed per team. This is not the case. In the past, this rule applied to certain sports, but was removed for all men’s sports in 2016. Please read the General Championship Rules carefully. The same applies for players wanting to play for a team outside of their normal place of residence. If you are in doubt then please write to the ANSSACC Secretary immediately for clarification.

Player Pool

Players that do not have a team but still want to compete at the Games can fill out this form and pay a $30 fee and then be allocated to a team (subject to available spots). Allocation will be based on a review of teams sheets submitted and which teams need players the most. If your team needs extra players from the pool then please let your Sports Coordinator know.


Bookings must be made in advance using the form on the website. We need at least a week’s notice for airport pickups and drop-offs, so please do this ASAP. Shuttle buses will be running regularly from the main hotels starting at the Rydges Hotel at 6am. If you are not staying at one of the main hotels listed on the Accommodation page, or if you have a very large group, then please use the booking form, and we will do our best to include you on the route (no guarantees).

For Sydney residents, parking will be a complex exercise this year given that the event has doubled in size since 2012. Therefore we will have shuttle buses running from Glenwood and Revesby Gurduwaras starting at 6:15am each morning. These will be running approximately every 30 minutes during peak times. We encourage you to make use of these for your convenience and to avoid parking queues.

A full bus schedule will be posted on the website in the coming week.

Cultural Night

Tickets are now available online for $25 each. The event is on Saturday night starting at 6pm at the King’s School, North Parramatta. Buses will be running to and from the venue, however bookings are essential (see link above). It should be noted that Cultural Night and Kirtan at Glenwood Gurduwara are both on Saturday night. We are not holding an official Dinner & Dance this year so please make the most of these two events on Saturday.


Thank you and please contact your Sports Coordinator if you have any questions.


ANSSACC Executive Committee