Player Registrations 2016

Background: Adelaide 2017 will mark very successful 30 years of Annual Australian Sikh Games. In Brisbane 2016, more than 1700 players participated in various sports, which present a huge challenge for verification, identification, data keeping and compliance with rules and regulation of ANSSACC. So far, only data kept of previous games are stored in spreadsheets, souvenirs, paper notes, etc. In 2016, the committee took decision to modernise the system.

Players: All players must register with ANSSACC to participate in any game on behalf of their club teams.

Player must provide full details, copy of driver’s licence if over 18 or Birth certificate if below 18, Passport size colour photo for ID card, Copy of Passport/citizenship to prove nationality, the club he/she play for, Declare Religion, in case of Non-Sikh, players need to specify if they have already played in Sikh Games (Only Non-Sikh female players are allowed from 2016 onwards) and ANSSACC will verify their previous participation.

Staff: All staff must register with ANSSACC to participate in Sikh games individually or on behalf of their club teams. This includes club officials, coaches, managers, etc.

Clubs: Please choose one club from the list. This is your home club. If player doesn’t have home club and want to register for Individual sport e.g., Athletics, wrestling, power lifting, Golf, etc. please choose INDIVIDUAL PLAYER from list or choose your club your represent. Players participating in teams must choose their registered club from the list.

Religion: As of 2016 AGM, Non-Sikh players who have participated in Brisbane 2016 or prior Sikh games are allowed to participate in future Sikh games. From Adelaide 2017, non-Sikh players are permitted only in women sports. Please refer to ANNEX A on page 36 of the constitution.

Photo: Your photo will appear on your ID card. Passport size 413 x 531 pixels (300dpi) or 600 x 600 pixels (300dpi). Please do not upload selfie. Please refer to Australian Government’s Passport office website for guidelines and examples ( )

Documents: Photos, licence, citizenship, visa or any other copies are accepted in jpg, png, pdf, docx, xls, xlsx formats. Please ensure that they are easily readable.

Extra: Player/Staff may choose to subscribe to our Newsletter (recommended), donate money (via PayPal upon registration)

Privacy: Privacy policy is defined in the sub heading of Terms of Use in the Rules sections of our website. Your data will only be accessed by ANSSACC executives/coordinators under strict guidelines. Some of your information e.g. Name, age or location will be available on our website or sports portal. However, other sports organizations and clubs may refer or use website information for their tournaments.

Transfers: Players can transfer to other clubs as per as residence rules. Player will be required to fill relevant transfer form.

ANSSACC Player Registeration