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Adelaide is all set to host 30th Annual Sikh Games during 14-16 April, 2016. All necessary arrangements are in place for the comfort of players and spectators. Our website is the best place to get latest information. Draws are now being uploaded and during games scores and fixtures will be displayed LIVE on website. Media will cover Sikh Games. Real TV will try to broadcast video. Harman Radio, 4EB Brisbane global digital and Hanji Radio will broadcast LIVE from 9am-5pm during games. Information booths and regular announcements will keep you informed. As it will be a long weekend, please be aware of double demerit points while driving. Drive safe.


Up to date team data can be viewed at the following link;





So far 453 Players have registered online.

This year, it is also compulsory to register all players with ANSSACC via online portal at the link below;

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After feedback and concerns about online privacy, ANSSACC has relaxed the online registration form allowing registrant to complete form without supplying IDs and Passport copies. However, players/managers must carry them to the games to be verified at the manager's meeting.

Online registration is compulsory as Unique ID will be issued and photo ID card may be issued next year.

Please pass this message to your team mates and club.






As Adelaide will have high number of entries and visitors, Adelaide committee is recommending early registrations and hotel bookings. All relevant information is available online. All sports coordinator's contacts are available as below;


Sports Rules, Drug Policy and detailed Terms and Conditions can be found at;

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Amandeep Singh Sidhu (President - ANSSACC)

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