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Adelaide committee has notified that Team registration date for 30th Sikh Games, Adelaide 2017 is now extended till 31st January, 2017

Please enter your teams now. Entry forms are attached and direct link is as below;



Up to date team entry lists can be viewed at the following link;



So far 246 Players have registered online.

This year, it is also compulsory to register all players with ANSSACC via online portal at the link below;

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Last date for player registration is now extended to 31st Jan, 2017.


As Adelaide will have high number of entries and visitors, Adelaide committee is recommending early registrations and hotel bookings. All relevant information is available online. All sports coordinator's contacts are available as below;


Sports Rules, Drug Policy and detailed Terms and Conditions can be found at;

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Amandeep Singh Sidhu (President - ANSSACC)

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