Sikh Fourm - Sydney 2018

Proposed Topics – Sydney 2018:

A – History Topics (what lessons we learn from our history)

  1. Khalsa Raj – Maharaja Ranjit Singh Era; from 1799 to1839

(How he rose to power & combined misls, bravery, diplomacy, vision, people’s person)

  1. Khalsa Raj – 1839-1849

(Secular and multicultural values, super power, economic condition, law & order)

  1. Anglo-Sikh Wars

(Reasons, Treachery, Greed driven politics, Hypocrisy, 1st Struggle for Independent India.)

  1. Last Maharaja of Khalsa Raj – Duleep Singh

(Life history & family, First Revolutionary for Independence, Diplomacy by the English)

B – Current Topics

  1. Why Sikh-youth is going away from the Sikh Values, Sikh Doctrines and Guruduaras?
  2. Why Deras are becoming more attractive?


  • Please send your expression of interest by 16 February 2018 with your selected topic and abstract of the topic so that proper allocation of time can be arranged.
  • Topic delivery will be preferred on ‘Lean Concept’ i.e. one A4 page display and explaining the topic with key features.
  • You can speak in Punjabi or English.

National Coordinator - Manjinder Singh


Giani Santokh Singh

Prof. Maninder Singh

Sydney Forum Coordinator

0431 482987

MP Singh

Sydney Forum Coordinator